When the Tesla Model 3 was finally revealed and became available in late 2018, it was finally time for enthusiasts around the world to see how their expectations meet the reality. While expectations for the Tesla Model 3 were high, most owners and automotive experts agree that this electric vehicle either lives up to the expectations or surpasses them. Given the poor publicity surrounding the rollout of the Model 3, the expectations were well above reality for many people.


One of the many areas where the Tesla Model 3 soundly beats expectations is its seating. While other Teslas get overall good ratings, many people have complained about the lack of comfort in their seats. This, combined with the available information when the Model 3 was revealed, led to very low expectations for the seats. Most people expected them to be fine and not necessarily uncomfortable.

In reality, however, the seats on the Tesla Model 3 go above expectations. Many drivers say that they are as comfortable as they would expect from the big luxury brands. Of course, the seating comfort depends on your preference and your body. To further enhance the seating, tall people who have gotten behind the wheel or sat in the second row of seats also point out that there is more vertical space than in the Model S. While most drivers expected a similar seating experience, tall passengers do not feel cramped in the back seat due to the roof’s expansive windows.

Pedal to the Metal

In terms of expectations regarding the actual experience, while the vehicle is in motion, the Tesla Model 3 is about where most drivers predicted it would be. The acceleration is similar to that of the Model S with more enjoyable handling, which was expected. This comes from the smaller size of the vehicle. Interestingly enough, many people who have ridden in several Teslas find the experience riding as a passenger in the Model 3 more fun than that of a Model S or other models.

Infotainment and Controls

There was a great deal of negative attention regarding the placement of the speedometer in the Tesla 3, which led to mixed expectations in this respect. Despite what some people feared, the speedometer location in the Tesla 3 makes perfect sense, even if it is unconventional. Because of the new location, you can actually see it easily without any distractions, thereby improving the driving experience. On a related note, the functionality and placement of the touch screen also exceed expectations in the Tesla 3. The touch screen is oriented horizontally, which helps make it highly usable and easy to reach. The idea of reaching out over such a large touch screen made some enthusiasts hesitate when we only had images of the Tesla 3. When you actually sit behind the wheel, however, you realize that you can reach it with ease. This comes from a combination of the vehicle’s relatively small size and the way Tesla positioned the touch screen, so it sits out from the dashboard instead of being flush.