The latest Volvo V90 is here, and it offers some amazing features. Some parts of the V60 are obvious, such as its eye-catching styling, comfortable seating, and driver-assistive features. And then, if you take a closer look and get behind the wheel, you will find yourself marveling at the amazing hidden features on the new Volvo V60, some are even hidden in plain sight.

More Dynamic Chassis

Most people would just assume that the Volvo V60 shares a chassis with other models in the lineup, including the V90. In reality, the vehicle dynamics team worked to develop the V60 into a vehicle that acts differently from its larger sibling. The suspension setup is different while the powertrain constantly monitors and swaps torque distribution from the rear and front. The V60 also has distinct anti-roll bars, dampers, and top-mounts with a shifted roll balance, lowered suspension, and a unique damper tune.

Unique Options in China

Unless you spend time in China or read everything you can find about Volvo, you will be surprised to learn just how unique some of the available options are in China. China is Volvo’s biggest market at the moment. With an increase in luxury automotive sales in the country, Volvo offers some unique adaptations on the V60 in China. These include the ability to skip the front passenger seat, something which appeals to Chinese businesspeople with personal drivers. There is also the option of swapping out that front passenger seat with a large infotainment display. You could get a similar variation in the US, but the passenger seat remains, so the large display moves to the rear seat.

Extent of Safety Features

At a glance, you can tell that the Volvo V60 is fully loaded with safety features, but some of those features are still hidden. City Safety Technology, for example, includes autobraking, steering support, large animal detection and evasion, and oncoming collision mitigation. Also included are BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Steer Assist, oncoming mitigation, and Connected Safety. The Connected Safety feature, in particular, comes as a surprise to many drivers as it is a cloud system that collects data from Volvo vehicles to do things like report hazardous driving conditions.

Sound System

The advanced sound system is another feature of the Volvo V60 you may not spot immediately. The top-level audio system for this vehicle is from Bowers & Wilkins and includes 1,100 watts of power and 15 speakers, including a special air-ventilated subwoofer. Great care was put into creating this sound system, positioning every speaker to optimize the acoustics of the V60. You can also choose from three room modes: Gothenburg Concert Hall, Individual Stage, and Stage.

Versatility and Storage

As a wagon, you assume that the V60 is versatile, but it hides some of that versatility from passersby. The rear seats split 60/40 to adapt to your unique needs, always leaving a nearly flat load surface. The head restraints even fold out of the way automatically. A truly hidden feature is the hidden storage compartment underneath the floor that protects your valuables.