Ram 1500 Overview

There seems to be quite a competition between truck manufacturers over the towing capacity and storage space. However, what these companies must realize, that no matter how much they try to innovate in these areas, the end game will always fall on the brand name and loyalty. Getting to convert loyal customers from a specific brand can be difficult, but with the improvements made on the Ram 1500, we are sure to see a spike in buyers. There has been a lot of genuine and measurable innovation on board that can definitely appeal to new blood and keeps Ram loyal customers happy.

Smooth Ride. Powerful Engine.

The Ram 1500 promises a smooth ride with a powerful V8 engine. They have kept the regular configurations of trims, cab, and beds and focused more on the interior and technology packed into the vehicle more than the exterior look. The new Ram 1500 includes a push-button start, power-folding and adjusting mirrors, heated steering wheel, adjustable pedals, and a whole lot of other handy gadgets that are quite appealing to Ram loyalists.

Electric Motor eTorque Engine

Ram’s electric motor eTorque V6 and V8 engines are available for the whole line up. This is efficiently paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission with a rear-axle ratio of 3.21:1 which makes it quite powerful. Having said so, it is quite amazing how far the Ram’s technology has improved in terms of power and speed. Speed isn’t something truck owners look for in their pickups, but with this improvement, they are sure to enjoy it, along with tons of other features.

High-Quality Steel

The Ram 1500 2019’s chassis is what truly shines through. The new design uses high-quality steel optimized in terms of weight for a more efficient ride. All this, supported with a coil spring rear suspension, guaranteed to avoid any annoying vibrations during the drive.

Luxurious Interior

The interior of the Ram 1500 is not what you could call luxurious but is it quite fancy for the truck industry. The center console holds a large storage space, cupholders, phone or tablet mounts, and dual armrests. All the buttons, switches, and knows have a high-end feel to it. It also has an overhead console for the front-end of the cabin, as well as a mini-console for the rear seating. These consoles are equipped with USB ports and an AC power outlet. One thing that seemed off with the design was the faux-wood installation. It seems like Ram has been trying a little bit too hard to get on the level with luxury brands, but instead made the whole set-up seem tacky.

Should I Buy It?

The Ram 1500 is quite costly for what it is; a pickup truck. However, it is seemingly worth the price. It offers people with an alternative choice in the truck industry, equipped with state-of-the-art technology modern buyers crave for. At the end of the day, truck enthusiasts will choose the best based on its overall performance to do the job, they intend it to do versus having all the gadgetry and fancy interior. With the Ram 1500, you have both.