It is quite unfortunate that not all car owners know how to maintain their vehicles. More often than not, they end up bringing their vehicles to the mechanic when the issue has worsened, and the repair would be more extensive. Before you get to that point, here are some common car maintenance mistakes that will cost you:

1. Not Changing the Oil

This cannot be stressed enough. Dirty oil or insufficient will eventually result into engine failure, damaging your car and costing you thousands to fix. Regularly check the level of your engine oil and the color to be sure that you are keeping things in tip-top shape.

2. Not Checking Your Tires

When there is low or high tire pressure, the durability of your tires is compromised. Due to increase in temperature, your tires most likely to lose pressure. This also affects the fuel efficiency of your car. Regularly check the pressure of your tires and make sure they are within the psi range set by the manufacturers, if you are not sure, you make check this information on a sticker placed on the driver’s side door.

3. Ignoring Warning Lights

There are a lot of people who constantly ignore the warning lights on their dashboard since their car seems to run fine, but you must be reminded that these warnings are not to be taken lightly. Familiarize yourself with the symbols on your dashboard to know what you need to tell the mechanic when you do pay them a visit.

4. Not Changing Worn Out Brake Pads

Brakes are most prone to wear and tear, by not changing them by the time they are worn out can be costly. One sign to look out for is the squealing. Once you start hearing this, you know that they need to be changed. Another sign is if there is a thick accumulation of reddish dust on your rims, you know that your brake pad is grinding against the metal parts. By not changing this, you are causing irreparable damage to your plates. If you notice any of these signs, take your car to the mechanic to have the brakes changed. You would not want to be in the middle of the highway when your brakes give out.

5. Forgetting About the Other Fluids

Our cars run on various fluids aside from engine oil. We have your coolants, transmission oil, and brake fluid. All of these are quite important in order to keep your car running the way it should be. Regularly check their levels, and if they are below the minimum, replenish the supply. The frequency of changing these fluids are highly dependent on the manufacturer’s recommendation. It may be more frequent in older cars.


Taking care of your car by regularly maintaining and checking it can avoid problems that will be costly to fix. By proper maintenance, you are able to prolong the life of your car and keep it safe for you and your family.