The BMW X series has changed the market of luxury sports utility vehicles as we know it. With all the new designs ready for 2019, BMW will definitely take the world by storm with their innovative design, all-wheel-drive system, and economical engines.


Best described as quick and spacious, this turbocharged four-cylinder engine purrs like a kitten but has enough power to haul bulky cargo. The exterior is quite stylish and upscale, definitely attracting potential buyers on looks alone. It has been deemed the best of the series when it came out, and we’re sure to expect more in terms of add on features this 2018 with forward collision warning, lane departure warning, parking sensors, automatic high-beam lamps, real-time navigation system, and a self-park feature.


Bold style with a bold attitude to match, this model is attractive inside and out and is quite fun to drive with its turbocharged eight-speed automatic transmission producing 228 horsepower capable of reaching 0 to 60 in approximately 6 seconds. Complete with handy gadgets and safety features of the X1, the X2 seems quite promising.


Poised for luxury, the X3 gives off that sense of elegance and power through its smart design and powerful engine. There are not many changes on the 2019 version of the X3 since it was completely redesigned in 2018 however BMW did add quite a few safety features such as emergency braking, forward collision warning, and parking sensors as part of the standard package. The premium comes with a heated steering wheel and front seats, 19-inch wheels, real-time navigation system, and a head-up display.


The complaints on the earlier model were revised with this one. The 2019 model is said to be roomier and has better driving characteristics compared to the previous year’s X3. The X4 is quite compact compared to the larger X6 but is quite comfortable especially for everyday use.


The X5 is quite competitive in the market today, especially with various innovations from its number one competitor the Audi Q7. It runs on a 300-horsepower producing turbocharged engine and can be upgraded to a 445-horsepower twin turbo V8 or even a 225-horsepower diesel engine. There is also an electric hybrid for this model; however, it can only go for 13 miles on a full charge. To date, the X5 is the brand’s most accomplished SUV in the market today.


With the X6, you have the beauty and design of a coupe as well as excellent riding experience. The X6 has a beautifully crafted interior and is extrovertedly stylish. There is a quick and smooth transmission shift and a fast six-cylinder engine, giving you an overall pleasant riding experience. There isn’t much to be said in terms of engine performance, it seems as though BMW focused more on the aesthetics with this mode.


The X7 is the long-awaited prize fanatics are truly eyeing on. Running on a powerful V8 engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission you can expect quite the performance on this particular model. The X7 should be available in the first quarter of 2019 with a plethora of high-tech gadgets at your disposal. Everything from digital gauges to modern safety systems. The X7 will truly revolutionize the market with its snazzy two-tone paint job, high end systems, and overall performance.